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Poetree For Life

A Branch of Poetry Inspired by God


Thank you for visiting the PoetreeForLife Website. We hope you enjoy this new concept which raises funds for charitable causes by the sale of exquisitely written and beautifully designed verse cards.

PoetreeForLife, a non-for-profit organisation, is a branch of poetry inspired by the world God created. The `Poetree` aspect of the name reflects this, whilst the ´ForLife´ aspect relates to the life topics written about, the lives touched by the poetry itself and the lives that are supported directly by 100% of the profits from it´s activity. Details of the good causes currently supported can be found under the heading ´Nominated Charities´.

All verses are written by Eileen Marston and these are reproduced as attractive Gift Cards similar in concept to a post card; supplied with a magnetic strip they are ideal to send a message to a friend and for it then to be displayed as a fridge magnet as a keepsake. To see the full range of cards for sale please click on the Web Store button at the top of the page.

Eileen’s verses cover a wide variety of subjects: some are light hearted, some inspirational and others cover a wide range of emotions. Her verses have an uncanny knack of touching hearts just at the right moment, at times bringing about emotions that may have been ‘blocked’ for sometime, helping the reader express to themselves or to a relative or friend, words that capture the sentiment of the moment.