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Poetree For Life

A Branch of Poetry Inspired by God

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Rainbow End


I will set my rainbow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Genesis 9: 13



Rainbow End


It’s wonderful to walk with you,

Especially when I’m feeling blue,

You lift me up when skies are grey,

And make such difference to my day.


We’ve traipsed through snow and icy weather,

But cold feels warm when we’re together,

You direct my path as we roam,

To a road that safely leads me home.


T’was as I stopped and realised,

A miracle formed before my eyes,

For in the distance I could see,

A rainbow you’d prepared for me.


Reaching o’er hills and land,

We strode towards it hand in hand,

Red, yellow, green and blue,

The colours bold, precise and true.


How blessed am I to have a friend,

Guiding me to Rainbow’s end,

A place not all will get to see,

Unless they choose a friend in thee.


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