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Poetree For Life

A Branch of Poetry Inspired by God

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A Perfect Cure


So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people … Ecclesiastics 8: 15



A Perfect Cure


After dropping the kids to school,

Betty bumped into a friend,

She said “I’m quitting chores today,

They drive me round the bend”.

Her friend said “yes, I feel the same,

Shall we pop to town?

We’ll grab a bargain and do lunch,”

A perfect cure when feeling down.

They headed for the Sales,

Betty loved to buy new shoes,

But with so many different styles,

It was difficult to choose.

She spotted a gorgeous handbag,

Trying to justify the reason,

To wander from a ‘Sale’ rail,

To the section marked ‘New Season’.

They browsed; tried on and chatted,

Went for lunch at Pizzaria,

On ordering a second Latte,

Realised time was drawing near.

They’d shared such fun and laughter,

Exchanged a moan and groan,

But as Betty walked towards the school,

She felt contentment to be Home.


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